UNESCO: 2024 Martial Arts Photo Contest

Jul 2, 2024

The International Centre of Martial Arts for Youth Development and
Engagement under the auspices of UNESCO (ICM) is hosting the 「2024
Martial Arts Photo Contest」 to raise interest and awareness in the values of
martial arts. Entries are open to anyone interested.
June, 2024
Secretary General, ICM


• Submission Period: 30 May 2024 14:00 – 22 July 2024 24:00 (KST)
• Eligibility: anyone from around the world regardless of age, nationality, etc.
• Theme: 「Martial Arts, Embracing the World」
– Universal values of martial arts, such as inclusiveness, fairness, resilience,
sportsmanship, etc., that could be shared by everyone around the globe
– Values of martial arts captured during physical activity or in everyday life
• Submission Guideline
– Only photographs taken using digital devices are accepted (prints are not
– Submit a copy of your original photograph during submission; each photo
should be saved in JP(E)G, or PNG format
※ Original files must be submitted upon request. The long edge of the original
file should exceed 5,000px. If the original file is not submitted upon request, it
will not be considered during judging.
– You may submit up to three photographs (only the highest photograph will be
awarded per person)
• How to submit: Submit your photograph on the contest website
• Entry fee: None
• Information to be entered: You should submit information about the work (title,
description, filming location, filming period) and your personal information (name,
date of birth, email address, phone number, nationality) on the submission
• Criteria: ① Relevance to the contest theme, ② Expression, ③ Work
description, ④ Originality, ⑤ Quality
• Judges: photography experts and artists
• Announcement Date: 30 August 2024 16:00 (KST)
• Prizes: Certificate of merit (physical delivery) and prize money (wire transfer)
Prize Numbers Prize Money
Grand 1 5,000,000 KRW
Gold 2 3,000,000 KRW (each)
Silver 3 1,500,000 KRW (each)
Bronze 5 700,000 KRW (each)
Fine work 20 300,000 KRW (each)
Total 31 25,000,000 KRW
※ The value of the prize money may vary due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, and
income tax may be applicable in your jurisdiction.
<Issues related to exclusion and withdrawal>
Please note that in certain instances, some submitted works may not be
considered, and if awarded mistakenly, the award may be rescinded and legal
actions taken. These cases include:
• Data regarding the applicant or the applicant’s photographs is omitted, unclear,
or different from the truth
• Photos matching any of the following situations:
– Photographs that deviate from the contest theme or do not meet the
– Photographs that have been altered or forged so as to differ from the original
– Photographs that include a signature, stamp, or any other identifying mark
– Photographs that have already received awards or photographs that are
similar to the ones that have won awards
– Photographs that copy other photographs
– Photographs that belong to someone else
– Photographs that have copyright issues
– Photographs that infringe the rights of a third person, such as their portrait
rights, etc.
-Photographs taken by a third party, commissioned, or requested by someone else
• In case an original photograph is not submitted or the original photo is different
from the one submitted before
• In case the applicant does not submit documents requested by ICM
<Issues related to copyright, portrait rights, etc.>
Photographs that are submitted must be free of copyright claims, usage rights,
portrait rights (including the use of the award-winning photo by UNESCO
International Centre of Martial Arts), etc. If any issues arise, the applicant shall
take full responsibility for legal matters, and the award and all related prizes shall
be withdrawn.
• Award-winning works will be deemed to allow non-commercial use for the
promotion of the UNESCO ICM (such as creating catalogs, postcards, and
posting on the website and SNS) and for the Center’s objective activities (such as
online and offline exhibitions). In this case, the works may be edited or modified
as necessary
• After award-winning submissions are selected, the winners must submit a
copyright license agreement at the request of the organizer.
• If shooting approval and permits are required in the respective country, relevant
documents must also be submitted.
• Entrants may file objections related to the copyright of the contest to the
UNESCO ICM via email (unescoicm@unescoicm.org).
• For uses beyond non-commercial purposes, separate agreements will be made
with the photographer
• In the event of future disputes related to copyright, the matter can be resolved
by applying for arbitration with the Korea Copyright Commission, and both parties
will work in good faith to find a smooth and positive resolution.
• Works that are not selected among the entries will be discarded within three
months after the end of the contest.
<Other Issues>
• If the submitted photographs fail to reach the expected standard, some or all of
the winning entries may not be selected
• ICM will not be obliged to reveal or discuss information regarding the selection
process or explain the rationale for the judge’s decision
• Other issues not stated above will be determined by the host of the photo
contest (ICM)
All participants in this competition are considered
to have agreed to all of the above.
※ Contact: Contest Website Q&A